Despite how much we adore our pets and enjoy having them about us, they occasionally cause damage to our flooring by pooping on the floor, chewing and tugging on carpet edges, and digging in their favourite locations on carpets.

Pet owners are all too familiar with the struggle to keep their homes tidy and clear of pet hair, odours, and stains. Carpet damage is one of the most frequent issues that pet owners deal with.

Pets can seriously harm the carpeting in your home, whether it’s from a dog gnawing on it, a cat scratching at it, or a pet peeing on a location. If you live with pets, you are aware of how quickly their behaviours can make your lives difficult.

Try these suggestions for carpet repair Canberra if you’re seeking for solutions to fix your worn-out carpets damaged by your loved pets.

Pet-Damaged Carpet: How To Repair It?

Reasons For Pet Carpet Damage

Carpet damage by pets is nearly often unintentional. There are instances when your favourite pet simply cannot withstand the time you are away without a bathroom break. Accidents occur when curiosity gets the better of people. No matter the ratio of carpet to hard flooring in your home, your pet will eventually find your carpet or rugs when mishaps arise, regardless of the source. Pet carpet damage can be frustrating, especially when you discover it several hours or even days later. Timing is crucial when dealing with damage to your carpet, regardless of the origin or reason for your pet’s mishap.

Fixing Carpet Damage By Pets

To fix pet-related carpet damage, just adhere to these easy steps:

Step 1: Take out the carpet from the affected area. Cut out the damaged portion of the carpet with a utility knife.

Step 2: Replace the padding. If there is no cushioning under the damaged area, fix it by trimming a piece of foam or rug pad to suit the space and gluing it in place. To conceal any seams or gaps between the old and new material, cover the new pad with a piece of carpeting.

Step 3: Apply carpet repair adhesive to the fresh piece of carpet and secure it in place. Both surfaces should have contact cement applied to them, and they should be allowed to dry as directed. After firmly pressing together to remove all creases from the patch’s surface, let it dry for 24 hours before using it again.

Step 4: Lightly sand any ridges or lumps that remain after earlier repairs by using fine-grit sandpaper.

Repairing Minor Carpet Damage By Pets

Trim loose thread

Pet claws may occasionally become stuck in the carpet’s edge, loosening the carpet’s threads and leaving loops. To level it out and remove any loose thread, use a pair of scissors.

Patch up loose seams

Pets have the peculiar ability to pick up loose ends; they will repeatedly tug until the carpet’s seam is reached by the loose ends. Here is what to do if this is you:

  • To begin, purchase a roll of hot melt carpet tape.
  • Cut the hot melt rug tape to fit the flap’s dimensions.
  • Place the tape precisely beneath the carpet seam where the two carpet ends converge.
  • Make the iron hot, then firmly press it into position to create a tight seal.

Removing Pet Stains

It’s crucial to determine whether your pet’s urine is simply on the surface of your carpet or has seeped beneath the carpet into the pad and subfloor if it has urinated on your carpet, area rugs, or furniture. Use carpet cleaners and spray on odour with extreme caution.

These solutions may assist but also can make the spots and odours persistent. Test any carpet cleaning solution on a small area first to make sure it won’t damage or stain your carpet before using it on a larger area. Although, if the spills and stains are recent and not too big, you could also clean your carpet by yourself.

However, rather than attempting to restore it yourself with DIY techniques, you should think about contacting a professional carpet restretching Canberra if the damage is severe or if you don’t feel secure completing the repairs yourself.


Your pet’s dancing and zooming when you get home is probably your favourite part, but it can lead to carpet damage that could seem irreversible. No matter how many joyful laps your carpet has endured, Fill Carpet Repair Canberra experts can inspect it and make repairs that will make it look fantastic again. Our technicians are pros at, carpet stretching, burn repairs, carpet cleaning, carpet restretching, and restoring carpets to their former glory.


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