Are your carpets torn and damaged? Are you planning to discard the carpet because of minor issues? The carpet repair Canberra services could be beneficial in handling these issues. These days, carpet replacement is not the only option left for property owners. They could hire experts and get various problems resolved within a few hours. With advanced tools and techniques, it has become possible for specialists to repair carpet damage. Here, you would know more about carpet repair and how it is better than carpet replacement.

Can You Repair Carpet without Replacing

How Does Your Carpet Get Damaged?

It is a difficult task to repair a carpet. Lots of resources are required for mending some problems like holes, seams, and tears. You could stop these problems in the first place by knowing their reasons. By knowing more about the causes of carpet damage, you could save your carpet from wear and tear. Have a look at some causes for such damage:

Too Much Moisture

Leaking water pipelines, floods, and excessive rainfall could make the carpets too moist. Carpet fabrics can’t tolerate such moisture and become torn. Moreover, wrinkles and ripples are formed because of moisture and humidity.

Furniture Shifting

Many times, people shift their sofas, chairs, tables, and cupboards from one place to another. While doing so, the carpets get damaged. Seams generally get harmed due to shifting the furniture in the wrong way.


In homes where cats and dogs reside, you would often find chew and scratch marks. Sometimes, the holes are big and people find it hard to walk.

Hot Objects

Burning candles, cigarettes, hot irons, and hair styling tools could be some things that could leave burn marks on the carpets. In order to repair a burnt carpet, you need to hire a carpet restoration Canberra expert.

High Foot Traffic

This is the most common reason. In commercial and residential places where the number of people walking on the carpet is more, the intensity of carpet damage will also be high.

What Problems Can Be Repaired and How?

This is the perfect guide that would inform you about the problems that could be repaired by professionals. In addition, you would know about the techniques that are required for fixing these problems:

Ripples and Wrinkles

Bumpy and wavy carpets are often the reason for fall injuries. They must be repaired urgently as they can become dangerous with each passing day. Leaving the carpets wrinkled for a long time could create problems for toddlers and old-aged people.

Solution: In case your carpet has become wrinkled, you can book carpet restretching Canberra service. Here is how experts stretch the carpets:

  • The carpet is detached from the tack strips.
  • A power stretcher is used to stretch the carpet. Two metal bars are attached to two ends of the carpets.
  • From one side, the carpet is pulled.
  • Because of stretching, the waves disappear.
  • Lastly, the carpet is nailed to the tack strips.

Holes, Tears, and Burns

If your carpet looks ugly because of small or big holes, tears, and burn marks, then you don’t have to worry. The carpet repair specialists can treat these issues. A torn or burnt carpet not only spoils the overall look of your room but also becomes a threat to everyone’s safety. Anyone could trip over the carpet. In homes and offices, you should not neglect carpet damage for long.

Solution: Carpet replacement is not needed if your carpet is torn. A technique named patching could be helpful in mending these problems. Here is how it works:

  • The experts inspect the carpet and find out the torn areas.
  • The damaged section and loose threads are carefully cut from the carpet.
  • A patch that could replace the trimmed section is taken out from the same or donor carpet.
  • A double-sided carpet tape is required to stick the patch to the carpet.
  • To blend the patch with the carpet, a comb is used.

Damaged Seams

This is another problem that people face. When the carpets are installed, their pieces are joined with adhesives. The seams are not visible at that time. With time, they become visible. Peaking and splitting are two problems associated with carpet seams. They must be fixed as soon as possible because they could become the cause of various kinds of bone, brain, or spine injuries.

Solution: Carpet seam repair is a service that you can book to get rid of damage. Professionals follow these steps in this service:

  • Carpet tape is applied to the padding. It is double-sided tape.
  • The seams are joined together and glued properly.
  • Then, they stick the carpet padding.
  • A seam iron is used to conceal the place properly.
  • The seams become repaired and unrecognisable after the process.

So, now you know the solutions! Keep an eye on the carpet’s condition and ask for help whenever needed.

How Carpet Repair is better than Carpet Replacement?

If you ever notice damage on your carpet, contact the carpet restoration Canberra professionals. Repairing the carpet is better than replacement in many ways:


Stretching and patching are some effective techniques that do not require too much time to repair carpet problems. But, replacing a carpet could be time-consuming. Instead of repairing a particular section, you have to replace the entire carpet. So, it is always better to choose carpet repair.


The cost incurred in replacing a carpet is way more than carpet repair. If you want are looking for a budget-friendly option, then opt for carpet repair.

Extends Carpet Life

Because of regular wear and tear, the life of the carpet reduces. By replacing the carpet, you cannot get a permanent solution. The new carpet would get damaged. In order to extend the life of the carpet, you need to seek a better option like carpet repair.


Yes, you can repair a carpet without replacing it. Advanced methods used by professionals could be used for fixing several problems. Carpet repair Canberra services can be booked at budget-friendly prices. In addition, they provide quick results. To get reliable service, you can contact Fill Carpet Repair Canberra. We are a licensed company that provides top-quality services.


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