Tired of your old, dingy carpet? Brighten, fluff, and make it comfortable once again!

Here are four simple tricks to rejuvenate your carpet to its original beauty without opting for professional Carpet Restoration Services and carpet repair in Canberra.
Restore Your Carpet in Canberra

Brighten Dull and Faded Carpet

You can brighten up your dull carpet by washing them down with a cloth that has been soaked in saltwater. You can even submerge the carpet in the saltwater solution and then wash it. Before putting your carpeting in water, ensure that it is safe to wash with water.

Deep Carpet Cleaning Services at Home

To make your dirty carpet clean and beautiful again, you can try this trick. Please make sure the place is well-ventilated, and kids are kept away while using Ammonia. Mix a cup of Ammonia with a quarter of water. Gently rub your carpet using a mop and allow it to dry. Ammonia is very powerful; therefore, you should do a patch test beforehand to ensure no damage is caused to the carpet. Plus, do not use this method to clean woolen carpets.

Eliminate Carpet Dents

To remove dents left by heavy furniture, brush the carpet using a thick-teeth comb. Simply glide the comb over the damaged area to straighten up the fibers.

Do not throw the old carpet just yet!

If you have tried all the mentioned hacks, but still the carpet looks dirty, there is still hope! Consider professional carpet stretching services in Canberra.

Licensed technicians are trained and have vast knowledge with regards to cleaning and repairing carpets. Plus, they are equipped with the latest and appropriate tools for the job. Additionally, they are proficient at removing stains, spots and making your carpet as good as new. Further, most professional carpet repair and cleaning companies are insured, meaning, if they cause damage to the carpeting, they will pay you as a result of poor service.So, if you want to keep your carpet looking spotless forever and do not want to waste time on DIY methods, then hiring a professional carpet repair and carpet restoration services provider might be the best option.


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